Unlike the “major” parties, the Green Party has to petition to get our candidates onto the ballot. But that's just one important difference between the Green Party and the Democratic and Republican parties.

For a start, from the Green Party of CT website: “As a matter of principle, we DO NOT ACCEPT donations from corporate PACs or pro-corporate interests.” I strongly agree with the policy, and it is one of many important reasons I am a member of the Green Party.

If you would like to see my name on the ballot, and if you would like your friends, neighbors, and fellow voters to be able to vote for a candidate who is not owned by, or beholden to, corporate interests, please help us! Your donation will help the Green Party of Connecticut secure the ballot lines in this year's U.S. Senate AND Presidential elections. Help us give Connecticut's voters real choices in 2016!

To make a donation you can send a personal check, along with your full name, occupation, and name of employer, to:
Green Party of Connecticut
PO BOX 231214
Hartford, CT 06123
Make Checks Payable to: "Green Party of Connecticut"

You can also download a donation form.

Thank you!


The most pressing...

The unprecedented changes we, the human species, have made in our atmosphere are warming the planet to an alarming degree. The Berkeley Earth project (paid for by the Koch brothers) determined that the global temperature of the Earth rose approximately one degree Celsius in one century (1910-2010). It was the most comprehensive analysis of temperature data I know of.

The organization known as chose its name because several sources indicated 350 parts per billion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was near the upper limit of where we could sustain our industrial civilization. We were at 401 as of March 2015.

We have reached the point where mitigation of emissions might not be enough to head off disaster. Amplifying feedback has already been documented in Arctic regions. Permafrost is releasing methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas that decays to carbon dioxide and water.

The climate deniers are doing the same con game the pro-smoking crowd did three decades ago. They are claiming the science is uncertain with sophistry, half truths and outright lies. For the most part, it isn't only the same con game, it is the same con artists. (See "Merchants of Doubt" and Just as the effort on behalf of tobacco was well financed by tobacco industry, this effort is well financed by the carbon industry. The goals are the same: to maintain maximum profitability by 1) delaying regulation as long as possible, 2) eroding as much support as possible for strong action when it is clear action is required, and 3) organizing as strong a lobbying effort as possible to see that regulations, when they do come, cut into profitability as little as possible.

Rather flimsy excuses for making our planet uninhabitable, in my humble opinion.


Differences and S...

When Ralph Nader was the Green Party candidate for President, he was rather adamant that there was no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. i won't go that far.

i do see differences, but i also see striking similarities. Democrats would never nominate a person like Antonin Scalia to the supreme court, but they would vote to confirm his appointment in the U.S. Senate.

the bottom line is, both major parties are beholden to big money. neither one will enact legislation contrary to the fundamental interests of the one percent (see on the web). they talk differently, they take different sides on some important issues, but i never see actions following the words, especially where we need them most.

the idea that 'third party' candidates can't be anything but a spoiler is nonsense. throughout our history third party movements have been the driving force for social and political change. beside that, from personal experience i can say a good portion (perhaps a substantial majority) of the people who voted for me in past elections would not have voted at all if i wasn't there. very difficult to fit that into the definition of "spoiler."

in real political terms, the major parties will continue to ignore, dismiss, or pay nothing more than lip service to the issues that are important to us until they see a real possibility we can "spoil" their campaigns. if we get enough people to vote Green to be equal to or greater than the difference between the "major" candidates, they will have irrefutable evidence that they HAVE TO pay attention to 'our' issues. in fact, we can accomplish that by just getting near that margin. if we out poll any 'major' candidate in any election, that will change the ballgame.

of course the best outcome would be to win an election. if that happens once on the federal level, we are on our way. the big money will come after us with a vengeance, but we will have proven the oligarchy is not invulnerable. just one win to show it is possible and we could find ourselves with substantial influence in the House and Senate in two more election cycles.

that really is not beyond the realm of possibility; there are enough eligible voters who don't vote to overwhelm the number of voters who regularly participate. i have to admit, if the only choices i had were a Republican candidate and a Democratic Candidate, i would be sorely tempted to stay home on election day, but more likely, i would go to the poles and turn in a blank ballot.

Please, if you know any fed up potential voters who are not planning to vote, please let them know about this campaign. more than anything else, i want to give people the choice of something to vote for, as opposed to voting against.

Let's face it, the major parties have been giving us a lot more to vote against than to vote for for decades.


Ballot Access

Fellow supporters of genuine democracy, the Green Party of Connecticut is organizing to make an all out effort to GET ON THE BALLOT for the 2016 Federal Election for the positions of U.S. Senator and U.S. President. I am not terribly web savvy, but I have some help. We are doing what we can to set up this site to register Volunteers for, and collect donations for our effort to GET ON THE BALLOT!


How can we have real democracy if we can't get real alternatives on the ballot?

As I have pointed out in every campaign I have participated in as a Green, both major parties accept so much funding from the corporate oligarchy that their positions on important issues (Environment, Economy, Education, etc...) hardly differ in any significant manner. There are differences between them, but the similarities are greater, and the similarities are what are going to kill us.

And finally, another thing I've been saying for decades: if you want real change on Election Day, there are three things you can't do: you cannot vote for Republicans, and you cannot vote for Democrats, and YOU CAN'T STAY HOME!


Jeff Russell


Corporate Person-...

There is no arguing that the court system of the U.S. Has granted an outrageous level of legal, civil, and human rights to the legal construct we call a corporation.

This has prompted a movement to end the status of a corporation as a person. Nothing could be more dangerous.

A bit of history:
Corporations were invented by the Roman Republic. They are older than the Roman Empire. Shortly after the Romans invented corporations, they discovered a problem. If a corporation was responsible for some damage, there was no way to hold it accountable in a court of law. The local magistrate got stuck holding the bag. The Romans decided that a corporation would be a person in a court of law for the sole purpose of accountability. In over a thousand years, they never had real problems with corporations. Corporations' rights were limited to only those needed to accomplish the objective stated in the corporate charter.

If we literally end corporate person-hood, it will be impossible to bring a corporation to court. We will have what one retired law professor described as a nexus of contracts. The only person who could be brought to court is the person who signed the pertinent contract. Does anyone doubt every corporation will have robosigners in Brazil?

The problems we have in the 21st century U.S. Date to a nineteenth century Supreme Court decision where a former congressman testified that when the 14th amendment was debated, it was the intent of congress that that amendment include corporate persons. I am convinced that testimony was perjury.

Every other congressman who was asked about the issue stated there was no such intent discussed. I was told the congressman who testified was well paid. The case was important to the railroads, a very powerful economic interest at the time. Several Supreme Court judges were heavily invested in Railroads, a clear conflict of interest. At the time, the idea that a justice excuse himself because of a conflict of interest simply did not exist.

Every expansion of corporate rights has been base in that faulty decision. If a strong enough case can be made that that decision is based on perjured testimony, the remedy becomes easier than a constitutional amendment. All that is required is a congress independent of corporate influence. That congress could make a credible case for that case being illegal and declare it null and void due to perjury. Any judge who took issue with the congress could then be impeached on the grounds they were an accessory to perjury.

The obvious problem is the congress is bought and paid for by the corporate interests. But we the people are hardly impotent on this issue. We can do a lot of this and put pressure on congress to act. We can research the history. We can make the case. We can petition and pressure state and federal elected officials. It will be a lot more productive to push this than to push for a constitutional amendment.

These kinds of things are things I cannot do myself. Is there anyone out there willing to research this history? Is there anyone out there willing to organize? To start drumming up support? This is a good idea. It will go a lot farther to accomplish what needs to be accomplished than the movement to amend. And if that movement is subverted by the corporate interests, it could have disastrous results.

We don't need an election year to get this rolling. Lets get this started now.

Jeff Russell